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Hi, I’m Chet Seely.

I’m New York Times-recognized Leading Authority on the Future of Work, Author, and Master Entrepreneur.

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About Me

Over 1,000,000 people have read my material or been trained on my roadmap to shape a brighter future through finding automation-proof work. I’ve built two, 10-figure companies and value my role as a New York Times-recognized Leading Authority on Future of Work, Founder of the World’s #1 Verified Social Impact Investment Group, and Creator of the SIX Method®

As Co-founder and Managing Director, I launched and lead Philadelphia-based retail electricity and natural gas provider brand which was acquired in a $190 million cash deal. As Founder and CEO, I’ve also launched a home-electronics warranty company, a customized skincare lifestyle brand, and various franchises.

Together with my son, I also operate a training company that teaches people how to market on Amazon.

My motto is "Business for Good."

Today, as Founding Partner and CEO of Invictus Investors, I enjoy helping people expand the limits of what’s possible by connecting social enterprise with social entrepreneurs, collaborating to realize the benefits of social commerce, and investing to realize the liberating power of entrepreneurship in our local communities

I also lead and support a community known as The Mighty Many, to champion social enterprises that intentionally integrate social impact as a non-negotiable component of their business models through the people they employ or the social missions they support. My motto is “Business For Good.” I established a foundation to support at-risk teenagers and to educate teenagers on the harm and real consequences of posting fake pictures on social media.

My Story

I come from a blue-collar household where I listened to my dad say: “No one ever got rich working for someone else,” and then watched him head out the door to work for someone else.

He did this because he knew he had a responsibility to his family and I deeply respect that commitment. My parents wanted a better life for me, so they saved up and sent me to college. After I earned my college degree, I went on to complete my MBA from Indiana University.

I’ve spent my entire career focused on entrepreneurship, helping people create second incomes or be self-employed. Early on in my career, I was able to see things from the perspective of a business owner and I wanted to give as many people as possible that perspective.

In fact, it became my life mission to help people Reach Higher Personal Summits, including eventually working for themselves as a business owner if that’s what they desire.

One day, early on in my career, an opportunity arose with a company that I aligned with my goal of helping people create second incomes. They offered me a stake in the outcome of that business if I could go around the world and drum up interest in what they were doing.  Over the next 10 months, I made $1.2 million with that company. That business took me all over the world and put me on stages from China to Europe to South America.

The most exciting thing about that whole experience was meeting people and making a positive impact on their lives.

Since then, I have co-founded various companies of my own and have become known as an industry change maker in the side gig economy. Helping people and companies succeed in the gig economy has been fun and lucrative, but the most fulfilling business I operate is a partnership with my son where we teach people how to succeed in selling on Amazon. Often our most fulfilling work in life comes from focusing first on our priorities.

Top executives around the world trust me as a Side Income Expert who helps people just like you achieve their goals by choosing the right side job and having a second income that not in danger of being replaced by automation. 


Four Lessons

I’ve learned four important lessons throughout my career in helping people create second incomes:

  1. You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect.
  2. You can do good things for yourself and help other people at the same time.
  3. If you don’t decide for yourself what you want to get out of life, someone else will end up deciding for you.
  4. There is usually more than one way to accomplish something.

I now see the world of work through the lens of these four Iessons.

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