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Your Interests Profiler Report and Why It Matters

Have you ever wondered why creating a second income seems to be easier for some people than for others?

Everyone has their own Interests Profile and how you answered the assessment is about to reveal a great deal about the kind of second income you will be most interested in and give your “X Factor,” your superpower of sorts, in business. But never fear, no matter your result, we’re also going to give you some great tools for how to add significantly to your odds of sticking with your plan to earn more money through a side job, no matter what your results say today.

The SIX Method® helps you Own Your Tomorrows™ and the model Begins With You™. Believe it or not, the SIX Method® is a simple tool that’s been helping people play into pay for over one thousand years!

It’s loosely based on the ancient Japanese Ikigai concept, which roughly translate as “a life well-lived.” We’ve refreshed the concept to help you “live a kick-ass life.” This starts by giving you insight into yourself and your natural interests when it comes to side income or businesses.

The SIX Method® combines your strengths, interest and your personal X Factor. Life experiences, education, and maturity also influence which side job you should choose to earn the most money but understanding yourself better is the first step to creating a roadmap to maximize your second income.

Interests Profiler Report

Your Personalized Strengths Profiler Results

So what does this mean?

For as long as there have been communities, there have been people who share your same interests who the ones who keep it all from falling apart. People like you balance the budget in families,keep track of students, keep costs down, enforce the safety rules, and generally prevent anarchy. Someone to police the streets? Check done, you’ve got that covered too because keeping track of the rules of one of the things you do well. Libraries and museums everywhere depend on people like you. In almost every organization and in every field, people like you are essential because you can be trusted with the details. You transform sloppiness into precision, waste into efficiency, and chaos into order.

Your are the glue (and the staples) that hold the world together. People with your interests can be found on the front lines, behind the scenes and in top boardrooms across the world. Because of your strong operational focus, things run smoothly when you’re involved.

You’re an organizer. You don’t like surprises. You want to know what you’re walking into each day. Your friends sometimes describe you as:

  • Organized
  • Detail oriented
  • Structured
  • Precise
  • Responsible
  • Careful


Does this sound like you?

You value efficiency and order above all else. You keep accurate records. You control budgets. You manage and take care of details. You collect and organize things. You do high-quality work within a standardized framework. You may have even established the framework in which you work.

You are conscientious and cautious by nature. You avoid risk. Procedures, definitions, deadlines and systems are valued by people who share some of your same interests.

Your Interests Combo: Your interests give you combination of primary advantages and secondary effects. Understanding both the advantages and effects of your interests can lead to being truly satisfied in your career or business activities

Your advantages:

  1. Allow you to be reliable, industrious, highly accurate, responsible and honest.
  2. Make you likely to be able to enter fresh situations and find flaws, figure things out and fix things to run smoothly.
  3. Make you likely to see yourself as conforming, orderly and non-artistic.

Your interests lead to secondary effects that you may have not thought of. Others may view you as:

  1. More likely to see yourself as constricted, which can lead to you being more susceptible to materialistic influences, money, position and power.
  2. More attracted to occupations which require very specialized training. Some of your co-workers might say that people with your interests can get snippy and judgmental.
  3. More apt to cope with others by being controlling, conforming, and practical.

You now know more about your Strengths and Interests. What’s Next?

What if there was a carefully vetted list of side jobs – all of which offer flexible scheduling – that we could match you with, based on your unique strengths, interests and your superpower or “X Factor?” What if we were to provide you with that list – for free? You get the list from us and you stay in control – you can choose if you want to pursue one of those carefully matched side jobs.

It’s possible. You’ve received your Interests Profiler Report. Your Report showed you your Interests


  • What’s easy for you, what comes naturally, and what you enjoy.]
  • Some of the biggest danger areas that await you in your full-time and second income careers.

This is absolutely critical for you to know because as you guide your career — you MUST be aware of
your “blind spots” — those areas that don’t come naturally.

  • This is valuable perspective that will allow you to make better decisions that will support both you and your earning potential.
  • These are the “missing pieces” that can and do hold people back from creating a strong second income.
  • Most people never have access to this information, which can rob them of the success they want or deserve and end up with a career that makes them miserable.

So… what’s next for you?

The next step is to join me on a brief call, where I will present your Side Job Profile – for free. After the call, you will also be given the opportunity to complete the final step of The SIX Method®, understanding your X Factor. This final step is also completely free and there’s no obligation, whatsoever. It’s my gift to you, because helping you Reach Higher Summits to Own Your Tomorrows™ is my mission in life.

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