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Your Interests Profiler Report and Why It Matters

Have you ever wondered why creating a second income seems to be easier for some people than for others?

Everyone has their own Interests Profile and how you answered the assessment is about to reveal a great deal about the kind of second income you will be most interested in and give your “X Factor,” your superpower of sorts, in business. But never fear, no matter your result, we’re also going to give you some great tools for how to add significantly to your odds of sticking with your plan to earn more money through a side job, no matter what your results say today.

The SIX Method® helps you Own Your Tomorrows™ and the model Begins With You™. Believe it or not, the SIX Method® is a simple tool that’s been helping people play into pay for over one thousand years!

It’s loosely based on the ancient Japanese Ikigai concept, which roughly translate as “a life well-lived.” We’ve refreshed the concept to help you “live a kick-ass life.” This starts by giving you insight into yourself and your natural interests when it comes to side income or businesses.

The SIX Method® combines your strengths, interest and your personal X Factor. Life experiences, education, and maturity also influence which side job you should choose to earn the most money but understanding yourself better is the first step to creating a roadmap to maximize your second income.

So what does this mean?

People come up with thousands of great ideas every day. But most of these brainstorms won’t go anywhere unless a savvy person can sell them. A struggling company may have an opportunity to embrace a new technology and turn things around, but without upper management that can sell the plan to the board and to employees, the opportunity may pass. A political candidate might have the best platform and the best background, but it will be impossible to get elected without the ability to persuade voters.

You are a persuader. People who share your interests often get a thrill from making the deals, closing the sales, winning the court cases, raising the capital, planning the corporate strategies and convincing the voters. People with your same interests tend to be intensely productive and goal oriented and can also be volatile because of the constant pressure they feel to achieve and succeed. Your friends sometime describe you as:

  • Dominant
  • Persuasive
  • Outgoing
  • Competitive
  • Optimistic
  • Ambitious

Does this sound like you?

Not everyone with your set of interests is exudes power and charisma, but usually someone with your set of interests is effective at taking charge, leading, and managing.

You see the big picture so you are drawn to environments where you can direct others how to achieve the largest goal. You are a natural risk taker. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” is a credo you can support.

Your Interests Combo: Your interests give you combination of primary advantages and secondary effects. Understanding both the advantages and effects of your interests can lead to being truly satisfied in your career or business activities

Your advantages:

  1. Allow you to stimulate people to engage business-minded or bold new activities.
  2. Make you likely to enjoy ambition, for the thrill of achievement.
  3. Make you likely to see yourself as successful, visionary, organized, and persuasive.

Your interests lead to secondary effects that you may have not thought of. Others may view you as:

  1. More susceptible to social, emotional and materialistic influences.
  2. More attracted to marketing-related occupations and roles in which you can express yourself in business activities.
  3. More prone to being dominant, talkative, slightly arrogant, demanding, and intense

What if there was a carefully vetted list of side jobs – all of which offer flexible scheduling – that we could match you with, based on your unique strengths, interests and your superpower or “X Factor?” What if we were to provide you with that list – for free? You get the list from us and you stay in control – you can choose if you want to pursue one of those carefully matched side jobs.

It’s possible. You’ve received your Interests Profiler Report. Your Report showed you your Interests


  • What’s easy for you, what comes naturally, and what you enjoy.
  • Some of the biggest danger areas that await you in your full-time and second income careers.

This is absolutely critical for you to know because as you guide your career — you MUST be aware of your “blind spots” — those areas that don’t come naturally.

  • This is valuable perspective that will allow you to make better decisions that will support both you and your earning potential.
  • These are the “missing pieces” that can and do hold people back from creating a strong second income.
  • Most people never have access to this information, which can rob them of the success they want or deserve and end up with a career that makes them miserable.

So… what’s next for you?

The next step is to join me on a brief call, where I will present your Side Job Profile – for free. After the call, you will also be given the opportunity to complete the final step of The SIX Method®, understanding your X Factor. This final step is also completely free and there’s no obligation, whatsoever. It’s my gift to you, because helping you Reach Higher Summits to Own Your Tomorrows™ is my mission in life.

Click below to get a custom Side Job Profile report based on your unique strengths, interests, and skills, so you can discover how to start making extra money — in as little as an hour.