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Unrivaled Expertise and Experience

Our Career Counselors work with only a limited number of applicants each month to truly get to know them and provide personalized attention and guidance. They connect you with ideal side jobs and serve as both mentors and motivators.


This year we will work with over 20,000 people, and 8,000 of them will receive an upgrade in their career and income in 50 states, 19 territories and 10 provinces.


SIDE JOB HUB participants are five times more likely to earn more than freelancers and side job holders who researched their own second income options.

Income Security

Our participants are creating incomes that are more secure.

We know what the highly
competitive job environment of tomorrow and the future looks like, so we can prepare you.

Individualized Attention

We listen to you, learn about you and then do the homework for you. We review the best side hustles with you, free of charge, and you get a custom report. The ultimate choice is up to you, but we do everything we can to make it as easy as possible. There is no cost to you.

SIDE JOB HUB Produces Proven Results:


You’re under no obligation to act on the recommendation we provide. If you move forward, we help you get proven results by walking you through the process of getting started and establishing yourself in your new side job.You can start earning today instead of spending your time searching and sorting the legitimate offers from the scams. We do it all for you.


We determine your skills, your experiences, your goals and other factors, we suggest the best side jobs for you. We evaluate which options would be best for you and work with you to pick the best one for your situation.All of the jobs we recommend have been vetted. They are all legitimate gigs. We don’t let any scams through for your protection.


We’ve rigorously explored each side job and income opportunity on this site by reading their “terms and conditions,” scanning hundreds of their websites, reading thousands of their reviews and complaints, and by interviewing current and former workers at these side gig companies. From our results, we’ve assigned each opportunity a HubScore, which reflects how well a given job suits a potential worker.

There is no cost to you

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