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Good news! Your unique strengths reveal that your skills are aligned with 1 of 7 key job groups in the new economy. This means you may able to prepare for the jobs of the future while you earn more money now, through one the side jobs we can recommend.

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The Technical Group

A quick summary of how the world sees your strengths related to work.

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  • Interaction Skills
  • Detail-oriented skills

A Deeper Understanding of Informerse

Increase your current and future value by understanding which of the skills you already have will help you to make the most money now and in the future.

Your Advantages

When you utilize your natural strengths, you’re more authentic and confident. Find out your most valuable technical and entrepreneurial skills, so you can find side jobs that reward you the most for what you’re already doing right.

Technical Skills

Java, SQL, Sharepoint, Adobe Photoshop, website development.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Communication skills, customer service, team work, detail-orientation, planning, quality assurance, project management.

More About You

Technicians like you usually earn the most through side jobs where you can use your skills in technology.

As a member of the Technical Group, you display good interpersonal skills and pay attention to details. You may enjoy side jobs where you can participate in designing virtual or real-life spaces.

Side Jobs in the Technical Group

Total: 182 side jobs in our database match your strengths.


Programmers, software engineers, database administrators, web designers, business analysts, graphic designers.

Industries closely linked with this job group include

Computer programming and coding, database administration, web designing, business analytics, software engineering, computer system design & related services, information media and telecommunication services.

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