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Why Work With Us?

To put it simply:
We do all the work,
you reap all the benefits and
the employers pay all the fees.

You could try and research options yourself. Today there are nearly 4,000 active side jobs and independent work opportunities listed on the internet. Google “side gig” and you’ll find 7 million pages. If you wanted to spend a minute looking at each of these pages, and you clicked away 24 hours a day 365 days a year,
it would take you over 10 years.

Even if you took the time to do the research, not all side jobs are alike. Some side income opportunities look promising or fun but, in reality, can be boring or low paying. Other side jobs might leave you feeling stressed or worse: You could invest your time and energy in learning a new side job only to lose it, because the company goes out of business.

Which side jobs are stable enough to make it worth your effort to learn? Without using lots of your time trying out different side jobs, how can you know which ones are a match for your skills?

We have a database with thousands of side jobs
just waiting for people like you to be matched up with.


We’ve analyzed and categorized over 4.1 million advertisements for freelancers and second income opportunities.


  • We’ve scored each side job, freelance gig, and second income opportunity according to specific criteria including:
    • Expected pay
    • Freelancer costs
    • Expected liability
    • Availability of work
    • User satisfaction

We’ve sorted the best jobs and opportunities into 7 key job groups that are considered to be the most stable categories in the face of oncoming automation.

We have already provided a customized blueprint to over 1,000,000 people on how to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow while creating a second income today. No one else focuses on helping you make more money now while also preparing you for tomorrow’s world of work. So, with my help, you know you’re getting a better tomorrow and a stronger, more financially secure, today.

All you do is take a simple 2-minute quiz and our proven process can help you turn your interests into an income and tell you which of the 7 automation-proof job groups your skills best align with.

Then we map out a step-by-step plan for developing a side income that turns into a steady money-earner for you with minimal time and effort.

Reminder: This is all FREE.

Take our 2-minute quiz and get a custom second income opportunity report, based on your unique strengths, and discover how to start making extra money — in as little as an hour.